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9 signs you should have fired your EP team yesterday

By Jared Van Driessche and Christian West


If you can afford a protection team and/or you already have one, this blog is for you. Not often do we speak directly to the Principals but us as the EP Ramblers feel we should more often… if we can educate you (the person receiving protection) we can change this industry for the better… here are some things that might be obvious, but sadly aren’t to many people in the protection industry… common sense isn’t common for everyone, so please take this as wisdom from Yoda or shit from Chewbacca… your choice!

We are convinced that better understanding of what separates good EP from poor EP would benefit everyone in the industry, from the principal to the principal’s families, companies and everyone providing protective services.

1. They broadcast that they work for your company, but they’re contractors
Current employees or contracting wannabees? Hey, it’s not like we’ve got anything against contractors – we think many know how to do their jobs just fine. They should just tell it straight and be proud of what they do. If they gotta lie to kick it, they might as well kick rocks and be out the door.

2. The only advances they do are too little, too late
Executive protection is as good as the intelligence gathering that supports it.

If you’re team can’t document how they’re advancing venues and locations, you’re being defrauded.

3. They kiss your kid’s ass to suck up to you
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. EP agent plays Stepdaddy Cool to social engineer their success with you based on their relationships with your family. Don’t fall for it.

4. They think they’re invited to your vacation, so of course…
Taking it seriously or taking some vaycay? How can you tell the difference?

Here’s one little thing: Instead of riding front-right, they hang with the family in the back. Hey, it’s more comfortable back there!

5 …they include you in their souvenir shots and share them
Was that you in that post? What else did they film?

Tsk, tsk. That’s just how the world works these days. Everything is available to everyone, anywhere, any time. It also has its advantages.

Really? What’s in it for you?

6. Obviously, they would never miss a tasty treat…
You stop for dessert and your EP agent joins the party. Don’t mind him, he just wants to sit down with everyone else, kick up his feet, and take in the view, too. Everybody gets an ice cream on a hot day, right?

7 …or a once-in-a-lifetime experience
You’ve got to admit it, your EP agents get to do some pretty cool stuff while you’re on vacation.

Fair enough. They’re with you, and you like to do cool stuff, too.

But watch out for the EP agents who tip the work-life balance in their favor, not yours.

8. Bon appetit
Of course they have to eat with you at your table. They’re security, right?

Who can fault them when the peanuts in the hotel lobby only got one Michelin star?

9. Smart casual. Whatever.
No dress code? No problem. Do you have to think of everything for everyone?

Who cares if they don’t blend in with the rest of you? They should be themselves, right? But what if their comfort detracts from yours and your family’s?

Principals, we could go on, but we think you get the message.

Fellow EP agents – any other examples that come to mind? Ping us on social media!


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