12 cool gadgets every EP agent wants for Christmas

By Christian West & Jared Van Driessche

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It’s our favorite time of the year – time for another gear blog and a chance to nerd about some of the gadgets we’ve got our eyes on. And, oh, yeah – merry Christmas!



Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of hardware and software—mostly in the consumer space—become even better integrated. While security tech has lagged behind, CuddeLink is one of those products that feels ahead of its time.

Rather than rely on spotty cell or Wi-Fi connections, CuddeLink uses a mesh network to connect all your remote cameras together. You can daisy-chain cameras to cover huge areas, whether indoors or outdoors, and quickly switch between them with no interruption. Even better: only one $15 subscription is needed for up to 16 cameras. CuddeLinks are sold as trail cameras but with them, setting up halls and walls, remotely and/or on location, has never been simpler. Convenient, effective, and affordable—what’s not to like?

Oura Ring


We’re fans of the Apple Watch and its health features, but it’s not for everyone—especially not people whose devices aren’t part of the Apple ecosystem.

Enter the Oura Ring, which keeps track of your health (including heart rate and temperature), sleep, and activity levels throughout the day. Not only does the companion app work with Android and iOS, it’s a titanium ring—not a watch, or a wristband—with up to a week of battery. As EP pros who have to carry a lot of gear around, we always worry about durability, portability, and accessibility. The Oura Ring meets all the right marks, and we can’t think of a better health tracker to bring with you.

The Rona Ring


Speaking of rings and health, the Rona Ring has become an important tool to bring along. As the name implies, the ring is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every day, we get exposed to tons of germs—doors, buttons, and other surfaces. Yes, hands can always we washed—unless you’re on the job, or in the middle of an emergency. The Rona Ring lets you interact with various surfaces and objects, and it’s sturdy enough to pull on door handles. It works with most (not all) touchscreens…and as a bottle opener. It’s also really hefty (made of brass or copper) and quite intimidating. Consider that to be extra protection against the virus—and nothing else, of course.

Lifesaver Jerrycan


Yes, health and hygiene have been on our minds. Why do you ask? That includes staying hydrated with clean water—which means this water purifier has become a must-have for emergency details.

We like the Lifesaver Jerrycan for two reasons. First, durability: the purifier can filter 10,000 liters of water, enough for many, many trips. Second, capacity: the LifeSaver Jerrycan holds roughly 18 liters of water, which means it can keep you, your team, and your client hydrated for quite a while. It’s also ridiculously easy to use and includes a failsafe indicator for when the cartridge needs replacing.

Shower Pouch


Wet wipes are great, but they only go so far. What if you’re already headed somewhere, or something urgent comes up, and you need to get moving now—but you sure could use a shower? What if you’re on a detail for several days with no time to shower, or there’s no water anywhere close? You’re probably not going to go through 20+ hand-sized wipes, and you shouldn’t be carrying that many in the first place.

Rather than assume your BO makes you charming, or that your entourage will stomach the funk, grab a pack of these body wipes. They’re big enough to act as a makeshift shower, giving you the chance to stay clean (and also minimize germs and bacteria) wherever you may be.



Okay, let’s be honest. No one actually needs this, but the Scorkl is just cool as hell.

Who wouldn’t want to bring one of these along to any trip to the beach?  This little air cylinder allows you to breathe underwater for ten minutes—just strap it beneath your chin and you’re ready to go. Unlike cumbersome diving gear, this one never gets in the way and it’s easy to refill.

Super Bright LED Portable Scene Light II


This one’s for your emergency setup. Good floodlights can be hard to come by, and portable ones even more so.

The Portable Scene Light II is waterproof, only needs a couple of lithium-ion batteries, has an alloy steel frame, and it’s even stackable if you need even more light. Bonus: it weighs a mere 15 pounds which, yes, is extremely lightweight when it comes to devices capable of putting out 10,000 lumens.

Elide Fire


2020 wasn’t a quiet, boring year—and not just because of the pandemic. The California wildfires led to thousands of people being displaced and the loss of countless acres of land and wildlife. And that’s just California.

We’ve seen our share of burning cars and properties. We’re not saying that Elide Fire’s products could have stopped any of that, but it is a reminder that fire prevention is too often ignored. Elide Fire’s solution: a “reverse grenade” of sorts, a ball you can throw and that activates within a few seconds of impact to douse a fire. It also works as a passive device, which can be mounted and automatically activates once directly exposed to flames. It’s meant to be used in addition to fire extinguishers and has a shelf life of 5+ years. Consider grabbing a few for your home and workplace.

Segway Dirt eBike x260


We’re old enough to remember the time when Segway promised its tech would change how we travel around cities and would quite literally lead us to build architecture around the company’s devices. That hasn’t come to pass, but the company has since branched out with dirt bikes, kick scooters, off-road ATVs, and more.

We’re telling Santa that these could come in handy for quick and efficient patrols around a bigger property, and that would be to everyone’s benefit, really. Patrols would get done quicker and more often, the property would be safer, and maybe we would get to do a few cool jumps and drifts on the way. You know, for morale. Win-win.

Thor Kettlebell Series


These days, many gyms are closed and many folks simply do not find them worth the risk due how COVID-19 is spread. Humid, sweaty spaces aren’t great for avoiding droplets. Plus, many of us work remote nowadays. It’s no surprise that home workout routines have become incredibly popular, but the question is: what’s good workout equipment?

We recommend the Thor Kettlebell Series because they look cool, allow for a wide range of motion and exercises, and are easy to grip. If you want to work on your Chris Hemsworth physique and feel like Thor as well—look no further.

Edge Black Aluminum Handle


Flying without checking a bag means leaving your knife at home. So, if you want to have a knife at a new destination, you have to buy one there. This wastes time and money.

Buying a cheap utility knife at every new destination is one workaround, but the Edge Black Aluminum takes this to the next level.  Rather than recommend a fancy, reliable, expensive utility knife, we’d like to recommend a fancy, reliable, and cheap utility knife holder ($13). The Edge (with Black Aluminum handle) has two strengths. First, the handle is great because its light, durable, and offers a solid grip. Second, it’s super easy to replace the blade itself thanks to a pressable spring lock, so all you need to buy in a new destination is a decent blade.

Standard blades are fairly easy to come by wherever you are traveling to. A handle you can rely on, and allows for easy replacements, really isn’t. So, invest in the handle—again, thirteen bucks—and worry about the blade later.

Elvia knife


Now that you’ve got your utility knife, let’s talk about your other knife. The one you have at home or are willing to check a bag for if you bring it on a trip.

On that one, we think all the parts matter, including the vision behind it. That’s why the Elvia, a collab between Ed Calderon and Ernest Emerson, is our pick for 2020. We can give you all the technical specs, but sometimes stories are better. This is a multi-purpose knife designed by one of the most trusted names in knives (Emerson) with someone who spent years working as a counter-narco terrorist in Mexico (Calderon). The knife is named after Calderon’s mother, who used a similar model/design to protect her family from a street criminal. Emerson’s name, and the fact that Elvia is currently sold out, are sure signs that the knife is high-quality—and we’re vouching for it as well.




What do you think? Ping us with comments and ideas!

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