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EP Ramblers is the new voice of the executive protection industry.

Created by Christian West and Jared Van Driessche, two of the industry’s sharpest thought leaders, we provide perspectives on executive protection that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay tuned for industry-leading insights and a fun approach to the often strange problems that we have in the EP field.

Welcome to EP Ramblers

The EP Ramblers are seasoned, professional executive protection practitioners that love the EP industry and everything that comes with it. Well, almost everything.

Follow our blog to share our perspectives on all kinds of topics of relevance to working in the EP industry. In addition to keeping up with changes in the industry, we’ll dig into a variety of issues that we and our teams have faced, both good and bad, and tell a story or two along the way.

We also plan to add our very own advice column, Dear EP Ramblers, where we’ll highlight some of the questions from struggling EP practitioners we’ve heard through the years – and have a little fun.

The EP Ramblers are Christian West and Jared Van Driessche right now, but we might be adding more voices later.

Follow us on social media to see the occasional post and keep up with what we’re doing.